The International Camper Club (ICC) was born out of the International Skamper Camper Club (ISCC) that had begun in 1972 as Skamper of America, Inc. A group of campers who were loyal to the Skamper camper brand. In late 1974 the club, now a non-profit, incorporated in Indiana, gained an agreement of sponsorship with AMF/Skamper with efforts from its Club Directors ‘Patt’ and Virginia Patterson.

After the oil and financial upheavals of the 1970s AMF sold Skamper to a group of local private investors who then in turn sold the Skamper Corporation to Thor Industries in early 1995. Thor absorbed the corporation- ending the Skamper brand and the sponsorship with the club.

The club looked for other brand sponsorship with no success, but continued to grow in membership. The members enjoyed the camaraderie of the club- many members had been with the club for decades and did not want to let it end. After realizing they had to drop the Skamper name they debated on a new name. Finally, at the 2002 International Rally, a vote was taken and the name International Camper Club was chosen.

In June of the following year, then president, Bob Foote spearheaded the creation of a new non-profit incorporation in the state of Pennsylvania, and the club became The International Camper Club and continued on with rallies, camp-outs, and traditions that were longstanding with members.

The club has had a long history of fellowship and volunteerism. Although it started as a group devoted to a particular brand of camper, in the mid 1990s the rules expanded membership to all brands, and in the early 2000s the rules expanded again to include tents as well. In the early 2000s a scholarship was started to give club members’ college bound children or grandchildren a chance at an award towards their sophomore year expenses. Many chapters and regions contribute each year to fund the scholarship named for the early Club Director and his wife- the Patt and Virginia Patterson Scholarship.

Additionally, the club focuses on the joy of camping and gathering with club friends who become like family. The largest gathering is in July, the International Rally, held once a year since the 1972 Rally in Monticello, Kentucky. The International Rally is a hosted by a different region each year and supported by the full membership. Other rallies are held throughout the camping season at the discretion of each region. Any club member is welcome at any of these regional rallies.

The ICC continues to cherish its history, but with an eye to the future. We continue to evolve to share our love of camping, fun and fellowship.

Come for the fun – Stay for the friendships!